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Get ready to go on a Road Trip of a lifetime!  Our tours will bring you all over The Big Island of Hawai'i, stopping at Waterfalls, The Volcano, Hiking, Stargazing, relax on Black, Green and White Sandy Beaches and eat all of the Best Foods on the Island!  I will capture every moment and provide you with a Photo/Video Package of your Trip so you can sit back and enjoy every moment with your Crew!

Swimming in Island Beach

Custom Tour

Go Where You Want for as Long as you Want!  With our Custom Tours, You are In Charge of the Fun!  We will bring out all the Audio/Video gear and we will go on Adventure of a Lifetime!  We can travel to the Black and Green Sand Beaches, Check Out the Volcano, Relax Underneath the Stars, Hike in the Valleys, or just go for a Scenic Drive.  The Adventure Is Up To You!

$40/hr Plus Gas 

Maximum 4 People

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Stargazing Tour

Get Above the Clouds and Witness one of the Best Sunsets on Planet!  We will Travel to the Top of the Largest Mountain in the World and Witness one of the Best Sunsets on Planet!  After the Sun sets, the Show Begins!  We will enjoy a night Under the Stars taking Photos and Videos while Learning about all of the Heavenly Bodies above.


Maximum 4 people

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Waterfall Tour

Located just North of Hilo on the Northeastern side of the Island of Hawaii, the Hamakua Coast is one of the most beautiful stretches of scenery on the island. With nearly 84 inches of rainfall a year, the region boasts Lush Tropical Rainforests, Stunning Waterfalls and Tranquil Green Valleys.  On our Adventure we will hike through Akaka Falls State Park which has an amazing 442 ft drop!  We will also visit Rainbow Falls in Hilo, as well as some Bonus Waterfalls along the way!

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Volcano Tour

Witness the World Being Born!  Take a scenic drive across the Big Island to see the Most Active Volcano on the Planet!  Kilauea is located on the Southeast Side of the Big Island in Hawaii in Volcanoes National Park.  We will Cruise on Crater Rim Drive passing

Steam Vents and the Jaggar Museum, which features Volcanology Exhibits and a viewpoint overlooking Halema'uma'u Crater.  Next we will head over to Devastation Trail and Hike to the Viewing Location to see the Lava!

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